Let's Party EP released in November, 2018.

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Jeanot Lewis-Rolland @ JLR Audio Productions.
Mastered by Ryan Foster @ Foster Mastering

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In just 7 songs, Dear Drummer takes you through stories of Portland nightlife, protesting racial inequality, a little love and heartbreak, and drinking with friends; this album just sounds like a party you want to be at.

The lead singer, Justin Odom, has a voice that instantly draws you in. In one moment he can croon in a Marvin Gaye falsetto - "If you live for nothing you die for nothing, so keep living", and the next moment he's throwing down a gritty verse in the vibe of Sublime's Bradley Knowles, like in the opening line of the first song "Life of the Party", singing "Man this lifestyle's hard on the liver".

And the songs themselves are infectious and fun. From group chorus chants of "We're the life of the party" atop a funky groove, repeated exclaims of "Woo Ha" - the sound you might make when you see a beautiful person pass you by, to poignant lyrics about what it's like to be black in America in "Sick Of All This Noise", there is both substance and story in these songs. The beats, the hooks, the melodies, and the vibe are all there to keep you listening through to the last song.

New Videos

Woo Ha

The first single released from their forth-coming EP, Let's Party - Dear Drummer's new song 'Woo Ha' is immediately catchy and fun. It lures you in to a night in Portland when you walk in the bar, take a look around, and instantly have an attraction and instantly exclaim - "Woo Ha!".

Sick Of All This Noise

A poigniant and topical rallying cry for anyone who is fed up with this political, cultural BS, "Sick of All This Noise" discusses some hard truths about what it's like to be black in America, while the band keeps the beats tight.


Date Show Cover
Saturday, December 29th, 2018
9:00pm - 12:30pm
It's our Album Release Party and 6th Anniversary! We just released our new 7-song EP, and will be celebrating this momentous occasion at Dante's, Downtown Portland. We've been preparing for this moment, and would love for you to join us! $10 at the door
Friday, January 25th, 2019
9:30pm - 12:30pm
We'll be rocking the stage with one of the best Portland bands around, Speaker Minds at the Secret Society. Warning: May get your body moving. $10 - available at the door or at

"Dear Drummer is one of those ‘you should hear these five guys play’ kind of a band. They have a fun laid-back vibe that pulls you in immediately." - Oregon Music News


Dear Drummer - Life of the Party, Boo Cruise 2015
Dear Drummer - Pony (Cover) feat. Sarah Wild, Dante's 2016
Dear Drummer - Lose Yourself to Dance (Cover), Boo Cruise 2015
Dear Drummer - Sick of All This Noise, Dante's 2016
Dear Drummer - Sick of All This Noise, Jesse Solo, Dante's 2016
Dear Drummer - Lose Control, Trout Lake Inn, 2014
Dear Drummer - 7 Nation Army (Cover), Trout Lake Inn, 2014
Dear Drummer - Outta My Head, Kenton Club, 2014

About The Band

Taking their name from an anonymous letter their drummer received from an unappreciative neighbor at the time, Dear Drummer has been having fun and filling venues all over Portland since forming in the winter of 2012. Their unique blend of soul-funk-rock and evolving sound has kept dance floors full and audiences fully engaged.

Lead singer Justin Odom draws listeners in with his smooth vocals and high-energy performance, while the rest of his band mates keep the grooves tight. Diverse and varied, their influences range from Marvin Gaye and Paul Simon, to the Beastie Boys and Tribe Called Quest.


Justin Odom Singer

Justin Odom
Justin Odom
Justin Odom

Jesse Milan Guitar

Jesse Milan
Jesse Milan
Jesse Milan

Myles Talarico Guitar

Myles Talarico
Myles Talarico
Myles Talarico

Mike Glidden Bass

Mike Glidden
Mike Glidden
Mike Glidden

Rich Young Drums

Rich Young
Rich Young
Rich Young


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